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Tony van Hasselt

Tony van Hasselt


As an early pioneer in the workshop field, Tony van Hasselt, A.W.S., organized world-wide workshops taught by artists whose work he admired; his idols John Pike, Edgar A. Whitney, Robert E. Wood, Tom Hill, Milford Zornes, and Rex Brandt became his mentors in art. Combining his own, innate ability with what he learned in the years he worked with these “master artists”, van Hasselt embarked on a life’s passion of passing these artistic skills on to others. The American Artists publication, Watercolor, featured this virtual “icon of the painting workshop” in a ten-page article titled “Looking Back on 40 Years of Workshops” (A free reprint is available on request).

Tony van Hasselt’s ability to graphically explain problems and solutions as they arise during a demonstration, combined with his energetic and enthusiastic teaching style, have made him a highly popular and sought after instructor, appreciated for his empathy with student struggles. He “has been there”, has gone through the same frustrations and tries not to forget those normal stages in one’s artistic development.

As an elected member of the American Watercolor Society, van Hasselt’s paintings have graced the covers of the Artist’s Magazine and Watercolor Magic. He has been featured in Southwest Art, American Artist, Australian Artist, and other publications. Tony first wrote “A Studio Visit”, followed by “Outdoor Watercolor Workshop”. He is the co-author of “Painting with the White of Your Paper” as well as “The Watercolor Fix-It Book”, featuring his renowned visual reminder system “The Building Blocks of Painting”, which is taught on all his workshops. He has made several popular instructional videos and his work is included in nine other art instruction books. Click here for Tony’s website