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Lead A Group

Lead A Group

Explore offers opportunities for those with a love of travel who want to bring their own group to Instruct a workshop or simply lead their group on an amazing travel adventure.

  • We provide support and guidance to assist in forming your group.

  • We handle the entire Registration process with your participants, including ongoing communications.

  • Explore facilitates all logistics on the ground in Guatemala, Panama, Cuba and Ecuador.

  • We provide a remuneration plan for instructors and group leaders.

  • All you do is bring your group and enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

Our Art Workshop Faculty are both high profile, professional art instructors who have an international reputation, as well as wonderful local instructors who are breaking onto the international scene through our unique travel workshop arrangement.

Our Group Leaders are folks who are interested in putting together a group of travelers, friends, artists, shoppers, or family to come experience these amazing and little known  countries; the indigenous markets, the villages, the handicrafts and art, the culture, the landscape and scenery that will take your breath away, the color and vibrancy of the people themselves, the Maya and Inca ruins of ancient civilizations, and the Spanish colonial cities with 16th century architecture that will transcend you to a time of the Aristocratic Spanish of the “New World”.

If you are interested in learning more about leading a group with us to Guatemala, Cuba, Panama or Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands, please fill in and submit the information below.

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