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Rockport Center for the Arts

Rockport Center for the Arts

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Situated directly on the shores of Aransas Bay, Rockport Center for the Arts anchors the local art scene, which contributes to Rockport’s ranking among the 100 best small art towns in the country. Coastal Living magazine selected Rockport as one of the Top 10 Coastal Art Colonies in the United States.  In its forty first year, Rockport Center for the Arts holds one of the country’s largest outdoor art festivals, hosts 9 annual exhibits showcasing the work of regional, national and internationally acclaimed artists, offers gallery talks, a wide variety of painting and ceramic workshops, a performance series, a summer art camp for elementary school students, is a partner in the Rockport International Film Festival. With over 750 members from all over the United States, Rockport Center for the Arts provides creative experiences for a broad community.

Rockport Center for the Arts is pleased to have Diane Johnson, Art Center Board Member, hosting the 2010 Explore Guatemala Cultural/Art/Birding Tour.  Diane is a seasoned world traveler having recently returned from Thailand and Bhutan, with previous trips to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador and many U. S. destinations. Diane has a longtime interest in coastal art.  She is animated, curious, and adds life to all endeavors that she participates in.

Diane and her husband Al have a deep commitment to the environment. Their 840 acre ranch just north of Rockport, Texas adjoins the 54,000 acre Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. They have placed, in perpetuity, 240 acres of their ranch in a protected conservancy for a Whooping Crane family.  The Crane House, located on their ranch, hosts guests from all over the world who have an interest in birding, wildlife, and in coastal marsh lands.  Throughout the year, award-winning photographers travel to Crane House to capture stunning images.

Diane Johnson’s love of travel, intellectual curiosity and infectious sense of humor, ensure that Explore Amazing Places travelers will meet a welcoming host on their tour.