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Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands

Join John and Anita in beautiful Ecuador on a private and personal tour of a lifetime. We begin with an incredible tour of the magnificent colonial “Old Town” of Quito. Then we will work our way through the northern Andes to the 400 year old Hacienda Cusin. a restored 17th century Andean estate, now a charming and comfortable country inn furnished with colonial antiques, tapestries, and Andean crafts. This location is perfect for visiting the world’s most famous indigenous market (Otavalo).

We will travel south along the Avenue of the Volcanoes to Hacienda San Agustín de Callo, built on the site of an Inca palace, an important archaeological Inca site in Ecuador. This amazing hacienda offers spectacular views of the snow capped volcano Cotapaxi and day trips you’ll never forget – led by John and Anita.

Then follow in the wake of Charles Darwin aboard a luxury cruise ship exploring the one attraction no other country on earth has – the amazing and exciting Galapagos Islands. This optional adventure is not to be missed as the government and the Galapagos National Park is beginning to limit the number of tourists allowed so as not to disrupt this fantastic natural ecology.

Jeremy Dyck