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Gail McDaniel

Gail McDaniel


Her sensitivity creates art, her empathy creates artists.” Internationally acclaimed artist/instructor gail Mcdaniel says her students are her best advertising; “an intuitive painter of shadow and light, gail does things you may have never seen before! She encourages you to use these techniques YOUR way to expand YOUR style.” gail has taught emerging and professional watercolorists from around the world. She was invited by the Art in Provence program to conduct a workshop in Dieulefit, France and recently completed teaching stints/tours in England, Spain, Canada, and at historic Ghost Ranch, a landmark made famous by the late Georgia O’Keeffe. She has even painted in Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France.

“I love teaching artists at all levels,” says Mcdaniel, a traditional watercolorist who is best known for her vibrant use of colors when depicting images from nature and real life. “I demonstrate the techniques, shortcuts, and concepts that I have developed or learned by doing, reading, or studying with others. I show my students everything I know, holding nothing back. My goal is to inspire them without making them feel overwhelmed.”

Mcdaniel’s breathtaking paintings are on exhibition in Middle Tennessee. In October 2006, she unveiled a new collection of watercolor paintings at the newly opened Elm Tree Gallery in Franklin. The luminous, reflective light of gail’s transparent watercolors has elevated her to the status of an award-winning artist and instructor. She has won awards in fourteen juried exhibitions and is featured in permanent displays and private collections. Through world travel and training, gail has become internationally recognized and is in constant demand for commission work.  Click Here To View gail Mcdaniel’s Website